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May 18, 2017 8:00 AM • Embassy Suites, 3225 158th Ave. SE, Bellevue, WA 98008

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DAMA-PS Spring Conference

Event Date - May 18, 2017

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DAMA Day 2017 

 AI & IoT Modern Data Management Using Billions of Things!

Thursday, May 18th  8 - 6:00

Embassy Suites, 3225 158th Ave. SE, Bellevue

What is DAMA:

The Data Management Association of Puget Sound (DAMA-PS) is a community of information management professionals who are seeking to improve the standards of data management, share information and experience, and establish professional networks.

Focus of Conference:

  • How are companies integrating data from IoT devices into their enterprise? 
  • What are data management challenges in streaming data from IoT devices? 
  • What approaches are companies taking in applying AI to IoT networks? 
  • What are considered best practices in terms of data architectures, security and compliance, and managing data quality with AI/IoT data driven enterprises? 
  • How is AI and IoT impacting your company’s enterprise information management strategies? 
  • Do the numbers add up? What is the business case for evolving into an AI/IoT data driven enterprise?

Speaker Profiles:

Speakers Continue to be Added to the Information Packed Event. 

Siva Gopal

Siva Gopal is an IoT Solutions Architect at TCS with over 15 years experience.  The specialized group within TCS is tasked with helping customers with their design and development of IoT solutions, advising and implementing solutions in this emerging technical area.   Siva brings a combination of experiences in Solutions Architecture, Big Data Analytics, Hardware and Software as it relates to IoT projects.

Ajay Sikka

Ajay Sikka is CEO at OmniM2M & Ci2iServices, Inc.   Ajay is a well rounded business leader with 20+ years of experience, primarily in the technology industry.   As CEO of OmniM2M, Ajay and the team at OmniM2M have been providing end to end solutions in the IoT/M2M space - Hardware, Software & Connectivity.   As CEO of Ci2i, Ajay and his team have been providing M2M/IoT, Analytics and Marketing solutions.   Ci2i has made it to the 500 fastest growing list.   

Jagan Chitiprolu 

As CEO of C2S Technologies Inc., Jagan Chitiprolu is responsible for running all facets of the business.   Jagan is an accomplished software executive with over 18 years experience in the software industry.   From the beginning, Jagan built C2S and positioned it to primarily align with Microsoft Cloud Strategy services, along with Data Analytics competency and Machine Learning solutions as a core.  

Prior to C2S, Jagan worked as a consultant for both Microsoft and Verizon in the capacity of Database Architecture and Analytics solutions.  In 2014, Jagan co-founded and launched the sister company of C2S named Naviz Analytics, which is currently serving industry Analytical solutions in two business verticals, including eDiscovery, and IoT vertical for Connected Vineyard.  

Greg Norden 

Greg Norden is Senior Manager of Analytics Data Management for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. His team is responsible for providing the data and analytics environment to support analytics efforts across Boeing Commercial Airplanes.  His previous jobs include Reliability Review Board Manager for Commercial Airplanes, Field Service Operations Manager, Field Service Regional Director, and Field Service Representative and Stress Engineer.

Roxy Stimpson

Roxy Stimpson is a CTO at IOT World Labs, Inc. with 19+ years experience in software development and design. IOT World Labs provides end to end Enterprise IOT solutions. It is a product and integration company that helps customers choose, design and integrate IOT solutions to solve business problems.

Prior to IOT World Labs, Roxy participated in creating company vision and strategy; planning and building company technology and product roadmap with C-level executives and business stakeholders in various capacities namely Enterprise Architect and Chief Technology Officer. Roxy helped “Startups” and fast-growing companies succeed, cope and mitigate growing pain. Roxy specialized in Enterprise Applications and Systems Integration including ERP, Logistics, Warehouse Integration, Continuous Process Improvement, End-to-end Software Development to Operation, Research and Development.

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